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2155 "A"

against a background
Abastumani astrophysical observatory
Seidel aberration
aberration(al) ellipse
aberration angle
aberration constant
aberration-free objective
aberration image
aberration in declination
aberration in ecliptic longitude
aberration in latitude
aberration in right ascension
aberration of light
chromatic aberration of position
optical aberrations
abnormal galaxy
abnormal series
absolute black body
absolute brightness
absolute coordinates
absolute declination
absolute degree
absolute determinations
absolute line strength
absolute luminosity
spectroscopic absolute magnitude
absolute magnitude effect
absolute method
absolute parallax
absolute photographic magnitude
absolute position
absolute proper motion
absolute radio magnitude
absolute sensitivity
absolute stellar luminosity
absolute temperature
absolute unit
absolute zero
absorbed energy
absorbed light
selective absorber
absorbing capacity
absorbing cloud
absorbing layer
absorbing medium
absorbing power
absorbing region
absorbing wedge
21-cm line absorption
absorption, atmospheric
absorption band
absorption band progression
absorption beyond the series limit
stellar absorption coefficient
Balmer absorption continuum
absorption edge
absorption effects
absorption feature
absorption flocculus
absorption limiting frequency
absorption line
overlap of absorption lines
absorption loss
absorption mechanism
dark (absorption) nebula
absorption power
absorption process
absorption profile
absorption spectrum
absorption tube method
absorption water cell
absorptive power
absorptive process
oxygen abundance
abundance broadening
abundance classification
abundance of elements
abundance of isotopes
equinox of a catalogue
terrestrial acceleration
acceleration due to gravity
acceleration factor
auroral acceleration mechanism
acceleration of expansion
acceleration of gravity
acceleration radiation
acceleration vector
frequency acceptance band
accessory drive
accidental degeneracy
accidental error
accidental perturbation
accidental predissociation
accidental symmetric top
accidental variations
gaseous accretion
accumulated error
tracking accuracy
modified achromat eyepiece
achromatic doublet
achromatic lens
achromatic Ramsden eyepiece
achromatic system
acid fixing bath
to move in a circular orbit
against a continuous emission background